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Capitán Manuel Rodríguez-Lestón











Presidente de Universo Marino

Presidente de la Federación Hispana de Pesca Deportiva

Editor y Director Técnico de Mar y Pesca Internacional

Fishing Chairman del Miami Outboard Club

Ex-presidente de la Federación Cubana de Pesca Deportiva

Autor del Diccionario Marítimo/ Maritime Dictionary

Autor de otras muchas publicaciones, libros revistas y periódicos.

Miembro de la IGFA y North American Fishing Club

Capitán 100 Ton certificado por United State Coast Guard.

Arquitecto/ Ingeniero Civil de Profesión con un Doctorado en Ciencias Técnicas


Isabel Rodríguez-Lestón


 Isabel Universo Marino









Master.Raimy Stempien

Directora de Mercadeo










Idalberto Galvez Richarson

Director Media-TV









Capitán Andy Vazquez

 Capitan Andy Vazquez

Andres Vazquez was born in Cuba and graduated from the Naval Academy, Mariel, Cuba,Class XIII October 1958, with a BS in Naval Sciences. He served as Ensign in the Cuban Navy until his resignation in May, 1960 where he then joined the Cuban Merchant Marine until his discharge with the rank of First Mate in November, 1960.

He migrated to the United States on Dec 3, 1960 and  joined the US Navy in 1965 as Ensign where he received intensive training in  the Navy OCS in Newport, Rhode Island and he joined the Amphibious School in Norfolk, Va. as an instructor, serving a total of 5 years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant.

He subsequently served as an instructor at the American Maritime Officer Training School, STAR Center, in Dania, Florida for 6 years, training merchant seamen, crews and officers of passenger ships in survival at sea, crowd control, search and rescue, marine pollution, first aid, social responsibility and quartermaster training. He also served as instructor at several Maritime Training Schools in Miami, training yacht owners and professional seamen in the STCW requirements as per the IMO regulations. He has also served as the First Mate Officer at Antillean Marine Shipping Company and was a Marine Surveyor for Panama. He holds the license of Captain.

He has served as the Interim Captain of a 12,000 ton tanker, during late 2012 at the Port of Tampa.

He also serves as one of the editors of the Website www.circulonaval.com which is dedicated to all seamen and sea rofessionals that navigate in the Caribbean Basin with emphasis on history and the present maritime and naval situation in the area.


Lic: Pedro Avila

Asesor Tecnico


Capitan Orlando Muñiz


Capitan Hector Mesa